September 19, 2021


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Self-Care Sundays: One small step towards a happier you

August 22, 2021

For many Barbadians whatever fun and relaxation they could get out of this year’s summer seems to be quickly simmering down, while the stresses of life are heating up… in fact they’re already blazing for some!

Stress-O-Meter High And Rising

As if the thought of approaching what is historical the most active period in the Atlantic hurricane season was not enough to get your stress-o-meter up, Covid-19 means the start of the school term will be complicated once more.

From preparing for school, — whether in-person or online — planning new routes to beat the increase in traffic, or maintaining updated Covid-19 mandates in the workplace, we know you’re stressed, and CBC News wants to help you navigate it all by focusing on you.

Self-Care A Must

While many of us are so focused on making sure our loved ones, jobs, careers, etc. are flourishing, we seem to forget that we are best able to take care of everyone and everything else, when we are first fueled up.  Think of it as putting on your oxygen mask if the airplane you were on was facing challenges, before helping anyone else with their mask.

Counselling psychologist and managing director of Step by Step Counselling Interventions, Shamar Lynton.

Counselling psychologist and managing director of Step by Step Counselling Interventions, Shamar Lynton, told CBC News that Covid-19 has intensified the pressures of life for many Barbadians. He highlighted the need for Barbadians to step away from the troubles of the world and make time to revitalise themselves, in order to cope with the challenges they may face:

“We all know that our physical health is important, but not to be forgotten and just  as important is our mental health.”

So What Exactly Is Self-Care?

Lynton notes that “self-care looks different for a number of people — it doesn’t have to be the same across the board, but it’s basically taking care of yourself.” This specifically relates to “doing things that one enjoys to do, that helps alleviate stress.”

This would not be the same for everyone however, as “what self-care may look like for me, may not necessarily be what self-care may look like for you,” Lynton added. So it’s important to know what activities help you take your mind off of the world and make you happy. It could be as simple as going for a walk, watching a movie you’ve been planning to for a while, or exercising. If you want to be more adventurous you could go on a hike, learn a new skill, or play a sport. And even with financial constraints you can take the time to do things you would have paid for previously, like doing your nails. Just be sure to follow all Covid-19 protocols in whatever activity you take up.

Tip For The Week

Sunday nights can signal the end of fun until the weekend, but it doesn’t have to, especially if you plan some sort of fun activity for later down in the week.

Monday to Friday can definitely feel like you’re living on a treadmill as you get caught in the hustle and bustle of life, but there are some small ways to begin to change this, such as having something enjoyable to look forward to during the week.

So whether it’s as simple as having “Sunday dinner” with the family on Wednesday, planning movie night on Thursday, or taking the time to do your nails, be sure to work self-care into your busy week.

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