Monday, Jan 21, 2019

Digicel approves US repeal of net neutrality

Digicel approves US repeal of net neutrality
21 Dec

Telecoms company Digicel is hailing the recent move by the Federal Communications Commission in the US to repeal net neutrality.

In fact, the regional telecoms giant is calling "a victory for telecoms, consumers and economies".

In commenting on the move, CEO for Digicel Caribbean and Central America, Vanessa Slowey recently urged Caribbean regulators to take note, and not simply apply a blanket one size fits all approach in their markets.

She says while Digicel supports an open internet, the strict approach to net neutrality previously adopted in the US favoured the interests of the large internet companies like Google and Facebook, while stifling innovation, and seriously hampering the telecoms companies who provide and pay for the internet networks.

The CEO adds that Digicel would welcome a debate about desired policy outcomes for the region, such as expanding broadband access, before imposing restrictive regulations.

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