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Saturday, Oct 20, 2018

More molasses

More molasses
29 Dec

If sugar officials have their way, there will be a significant increase in the amount of molasses the industry produces.

This as they look to further solidify ties with the rum industry.

The rum industry is a major foreign exchange earner for Barbados.

Recent figures show it exported about 90 million dollars in rum to the European Union alone between 2012 and 2016.

And if sugar officials have their way, this figure will be increased as they look to bump up the amount of molasses that is produced annually.

General Manager of the Barbados Agricultural Management Company, Leslie Parris says the aim is to increase molasses production so that the rum industry can meet the rules of origin set by the World Trade Organisation for branded Barbados rum.

He says they've worked closely with Mount Gay in that regard over the last two to three years and they're also in negotiations with another company, which he wasn't willing to name at this stage.

Mr Parris explains that Barbados produced 6,513.85 tonnes of molasses in 2017 from 132,845.08 tonnes of cane.

That compares with 3,486.55 tonnes produced in 2016 from 83, 369.20 tonnes of cane.

Asked about a target figure that would satisfy the rum industry, Mr Parris said it would depend on the company’s marketing plans and the demand they create for their products.

He says the single factory in operation can grind between 220 and 240 thousand tonnes of cane annually which is enough to comfortably satisfy the demand for both sugar and molasses.

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