Wednesday, Jan 23, 2019

Warning for Old Year's fetes

Warning for Old Year's fetes
29 Dec

With just days to go, promoters of Old Year's Night's fetes are being warned, employ security guards that are licensed.

The reminder is coming from security officer in the Ministry of Defence and Security, Earl Deane.

He says no security guard, private investigator or security agency should provide such services, unless they are licensed under the Private Investigators and Security Guards Act.

Mr. Deane says any person who contravenes the Act is guilty of an offence and is liable on conviction on indictment to a fine of five thousand dollars or imprisonment for two years, or both.

According to Mr Deane, the Act states that a security guard may in the performance of his functions, arrest without a warrant, any person who is in breach of the peace, or whom he reasonably believes to be in breach of the peace, or who commits or attempts to commit treason or felony.

He reiterated that any company which hired an individual who did not have the relevant documentation would be in breach of the law, and would be liable if something occurred.

Those security guards, private investigators and security agencies not licensed are being encouraged to "immediately do the right and lawful thing".

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