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Sandra Bullock assembles crew with Rihanna to steal Anne Hathaway's $150m diamond necklace

Sandra Bullock assembles crew with Rihanna to steal Anne Hathaway's $150m diamond necklace
19 Dec

The first full-length trailer for Ocean's Eight dropped on Tuesday and the film already looks like a load of fun and glamor.

In it, we see Sandra Bullock's character Debbie Ocean assemble her crew as she lays out the plans for her heist at the annual Met Gala in New York City where the biggest stars in the world gather to show off their gowns and gems.

There are a slew of famous faces in the clip - including Rihanna, Helena Bonham Carter, Sarah Paulson, Cate Blanchett, Awkwafina and Anne Hathaway.

Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Katie Holmes and Hailey Baldwin all make cameos, but they are not seen in the trailer.

It opens with Sandra's character in an orange prison suit as she sits alone at a table in a bleak-looking room, though her hair and makeup are nicely done.

She looks innocent with big eyes as she insist that she will not do bad things anymore.

'It was a mistake, ahh, but it happened and, um, if I were to be released I would just want the simple life. I just wanna hold down a job make some friends, pay my bills,' she insists as images of pricey jewels and women in glam dresses at the Met Gala flash in the background.

Next Sandra is sitting in a restaurant with Cate Blanchett's character.

'Even if this was possible you would need 20 people,' says the blonde actress.

'Seven people,' interrupts Sandra, looking amused and confident.

When Cate asks her why she wants to do this job, the brunette shoots back, 'Because it's what I'm good at.'

Then we see Sandra with Mindy Kaling.

Mindy is a jeweler who seems capable of creating very good fakes, it is hinted.

'How long would you need to make this jewelry?' asks Sandra.

'Six or seven hours,' answers Kaling as we see flashed of her in a jewelry shop.

When Sandra says how long would it take if she didn't have to live with her mother any long, Mindy replies it would take less time.

Then Rihanna makes her appearance.

Sandra asks the tech wiz, seen typing on a computer, what her 'real name' is. The singer shoots: '8 Ball.'

Helena Bonham Carter looks like a harried fashion designer in a crisis.

When Sandra meets her, she says, 'What if we made this all go away?'

It seems Carter may be the one who dresses Hathaway for the Met Gala.

Next we see a girl in an orange beanie try to hustle people on the street.

Later Bullock asks the lady to return her watch and Cate's watch.

Then the camera goes to Sarah Paulson. Her phone rings in the kitchen of her upscale suburban home.

Bullocks voice says, 'Come in the garage.'

Sandra is seen in the garage with boxes and bicycles everywhere: 'Want me to tell you how big a job this is?'

'No I am out,' says Sarah.

Next we see her loading a suitcase into the back of her SUV as her son looks on.

'I'll be back before you know it,' she says. When her son interrupts her, she answers, 'This is mommy's very special work trip.'

Now the women are all together for a meeting. 'In three and a half weeks the Met will be hosting its annual ball.'

And they are going there 'to rob it.'

'Not the ball itself but on the neck of Daphne Kruger,' it is added. Kruger is played by Hathaway.

We then see Anne on the red carpet with the necklace she is explaining her diamond wonder is worth $150m.

It is not known if Anne is a victim or part of the plot.

But then a twist is thrown in. 'Revenge - it's a two-fer,' says James Corden to Sandra in a diner.

Cate warns, 'Do not run a job in a job.'

A man with a scruffy but short beard is seen looking at a diamond and then Sandra is seen getting close to him.

It looks as if stealing the necklace may have something to do with getting back at this man.

Then we see images of stars at the Met Gala.

'Taylor Swift? Can we just go to this? Do we have to steal stuff?' asks one of the crew members.

A big yes is heard.

Now we're back with Sandra and James in the diner. He asks, 'Is it genetic? is the whole family like this?' Sandra says yes.

Her character Debbie Ocean is the sister of George Clooney's Frank Ocean of the all-male Ocean's films.

The Ocean's trilogy - running from 2001 to 2007 - also starred, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, and grossed an incredible $1.1 billion worldwide.

The slick new poster for Ocean's 8 was released last week. It shows them lined up in profile, all wearing dark overcoats and shades.

Under the powerfully stylish shots of the eight female stars, it simply reads 'Ocean's 8. Summer 2018'

'It’s really fun,' Sandra told EW about filming.

'Imagine all eight of us crammed into a make-up trailer in the morning. You think that it would be disastrous, but it was heaven, all of us just sharing information, all of us doing three jobs with families, our other jobs, the juggling.

'And then we get to shoot this movie together.'

The movie will be released on June 8, 2018 in the US.


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