Monday, Jan 21, 2019

Senators debate cultural industries bill

Senators debate cultural industries bill
21 Dec

Cultural practitioners in Barbados deserve all the support they can get.

That's the view of Senator Carol Lady Haynes, as debate in the Upper House continued on the Cultural Industries Development Validation Bill.

Her support comes against the background of her contention that Barbados has and continues to produced world class talent.

Lady Haynes also wants the support provided by the Bill to be easily accessible to those who should benefit from it.

Senator Andre Worrell says Barbadians need look no further than home-grown superstar Rihanna, to see the potential of the cultural industries.

Senator John Watson thinks Barbados needs a set of professional organisations geared towards supporting and promoting the cultural industries.

He says, for example, there should be a national theatre, funded by the government and the private sector.

Senator Watson also believes cultural practioners are different from people in other sectors and should therefore not be treated in the same way.

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