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Restaurant lays off staff due to sewage crisis

Restaurant lays off staff due to sewage crisis
12 Jan

While some South Coast businesses are reporting an improvement in the sewage crisis, at least one of them is remaining closed.

The Worthing branch of popular restaurant, Chicken Barn has remained closed despite reports from Barbados Water Authority officials and south coast businesses of a significant improvement in the sewage situation there.

Chicken Barn's director, Paul Hynam says although there's been no sewage overflow for the past four days, the branch still faces a significant challenge.

Last November, sewage water carrying toilet tissue flowing from the sewerage cover in front of the Worthing branch caused the closure of that branch.

However at that point Mr Hynam said despite losing thousands of dollars as a result of the closure, his business would hold onto its fourteen employees hoping that the problem would be solved

However Mr Hynam tells CBC that this January, six employees have been laid off.

While Mr Hynam acknowledges the progress made to rectify the sewage issue, he describes the situation as unacceptable and he's hopeful the branch will reopen at some point.

In response, the Barbados Water Authority says they are extremely anxious to see Chicken Barn reopen.

Manager of Communications and the rapid response unit Joyann Haigh says under the leadership of Chief Health and Safety Officer Grafton Best, crews have already started work to plug the manhole on the property to stop the flow of sewage.

Those crews are expected to put a backflow preventer in place and do an extensive cleanup of the area Friday.

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