Monday, Jan 21, 2019

BWA warns of water shortages

BWA warns of water shortages
19 Dec

Despite heavy rains this year, Barbadians are being warned to brace themselves for more water outages next year.

After an extended drought, Barbados was plagued by water outages for a majority of 2016, and the problem continued into 2017.

It forced the Barbados Water Authority use a number of measures, including deploying tankers, installing community tanks and then turning to making personal water tanks available.

Now general manager, Keithroy Halliday says 2018 may bring more of the same, explaining that although rain fell heavily throughout the year, the aquifers have not yet replenished enough to avoid the outages recurring.

Mr Halliday also gave an update on the personal tank programme.

He says it started off slowly but has since gained momentum.

In the last month alone close to 150 applications came in for tanks.

Mr Halliday had previously announced that the BWA is seeking close to US $45 million in grant and other funding from the Global Climate Fund and the Caribbean Community Climate Control Centre.

Some of that money, he says, will be used to fund an expanded personal tank programme.