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Westgate remains on lockdown after officers attacked

National Security Minister Wayne Caines Monday said Westgate Correctional Facility — Bermuda’s maximum-security prison at the west end of the island — is to go on indefinite lockdown following an attack on three officers.

The Prison Officers Association (POA) met on Monday to discuss “working conditions and outstanding issues with reference to the prison service”
Caines said the POA opted to take work to rule, with no overtime, meaning that inmates will have limited recreation and visits. Classes at the facility will also be suspended.

Caines was speaking in the aftermath of the prison going on lockdown on Friday when the three officers, including a woman, were attacked by inmates.

He said the prison service would be supplemented by 18 officers from the Bermuda Police Service, who will take prisoners to and from court in Hamilton and on health visits. They will be further bolstered by 20 soldiers from the Royal Bermuda Regiment trained as special constables.


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