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Children sit exam today

Thousands of primary school students are expected to write the Barbados Secondary Schools’ Entrance Examination today, Tuesday.

A total of 3,382 students will sit this year’s examination, also known as the 11-Plus or Common Entrance Exam.

That figure is down 44 students compared with last year.

According to the Ministry of Education, just over 17 hundred boys and 16 hundred girls are registered to write the examination at 22 secondary schools across the island.

This year, 14 students have requested permission to write the examination early, at 10 years old, while 84 were granted permission to defer and 40 granted exemptions from writing the examination.

Additionally, there have been 106 special requests made by parents on behalf of their children, mainly for extra time, enlarged print and breaks for snacks.

The BSSEE will also be taken by 142 non-nationals, who have met the immigration requirements.

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