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More tributes for Hoyte

The Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation is adding to the tributes to late journalist Harold Hoyte.

The CBC, through its Chairman Melba Smith, has saluted Mr. Hoyte’s undeniable contribution to the field of journalism.

Ms. Smith notes that his achievements as a media pioneer and standard setter have been well chronicled.

She states that though not a broadcaster himself, Hoyte influenced the careers of a number of journalists who had their start at the Nation Newspaper and subsequently transitioned to the CBC.

The Corporation extends its sincere condolences to his immediate family, to the Nation family, close friends, and others who most keenly feel and mourn his passing.

Veteran broadcaster and Charirman of the Barbados Broadcasting Authority Dr. Allyson Leacock says he was an archetypal journalist, who was very astute in his observations.

President of BARJAM, the Barbados Association of Journalists and Media Workers, Emmanuel Joseph, says Mr. Hoyte’s standard of excellence was transformative.
Minister of Information, Broadcasting and Public Affairs Senator Lucille Moe, says he was a mentor to many, allowing them to develop their own characters as journalists.

The Minister notes that despite his sharp wit and incisive commentary, he was approachable and very personable to both those who knew him and to those who were strangers.

She also praised his writing skills outside of journalism.

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