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Tardy Employers Hampering Employee Tax Filing

A significant number of employees are being hampered in their efforts to file accurate 2018 income tax returns, due to their employers’ failure to file critical 2018 income information on their behalf.

This assertion has come from Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA) Communications Officer, Erica Lazare, who further revealed that the authority has been encountering hundreds of persons daily who are eager to file, but are ultimately disappointed when they realize that no income information has been uploaded for them to the Tax Administration Management Information System (TAMIS).

With the May 31, 2019 extended deadline quickly approaching, she is urging employers and other third-party providers such as charities and trade unions to immediately upload the relevant third-party information, to ensure that their employees and clients can file their returns.

“Earlier in the year, we initially encountered cases where employers were having challenges acquiring the new Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) from their clients and employees. However, as we go deeper into the filing season, we are seeing so many situations with people who begin to file, but then notice the absence of pre-filled employment figures in the income section of their 2018 tax return.

“We are therefore advising employers and other third-party providers to fulfil this pertinent obligation with great urgency,” she stated.

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