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Guyana Ministry of Education denies student in critical condition at hospital

The Ministry of education Monday confirmed that the police were investigating an incident in which two students fell ill after a substance had been mixed into their water bottle, but denied media reports that one of the students was hospitalised in a serious condition.

In a brief statement, the Ministry said that it had taken note of the media reports on the incident last weekend regarding the two female students at a secondary school in Corentyne, a region, which covers the entire east of the country.
It acknowledged that the students had fallen ill “after their classmates are alleged to have mixed a substance into their water bottle.

“The Ministry of Education wishes to inform that indeed the students were taken to hospital after the incident came to the fore. They were treated and discharge and are in no present danger. Additionally, none of the students is in a critical condition and the Ministry Of Education is actively addressing this matter.

“Currently, this matter is engaging the attention of the Guyana Police Force. The classmates who were accused of mixing the substance in the water bottles were questioned in the presence of their parents,” the statement said, adding that counselling and psychosocial support are being provided to those affected by the incident.


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