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Jamaicans brace for rains as trough system lingers over island

Jamaica, which is facing a severe drought, is expected to get some relief over the next three days as a trough is expected ti linger across the island.

The Meteorological Service of Jamaica (MSJ) in a bulletin said that the trough is also expected to affect the central Caribbean.

“The trough is expected to linger across the island over the next three days,” it said, adding that during the afternoon the island will experience “scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms mainly across sections of central and western parishes and hilly inland areas elsewhere”.
According to the MSJ, on Saturday, Jamaica will experience isolated showers over the eastern parishes as well as scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms across sections of most parishes.

On Sunday the scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms will be mainly across central and western parishes while on Monday, a partly cloudy morning will give way to widely scattered afternoon showers and isolated thunderstorms across sections of most parishes.

Earlier this week, Jamaicans were warned they could face possible prison terms as the National Water Commission (NWC) issued a prohibition order making it a prosecutable offence to waste water or use excessive amounts of potable water for non-essential purposes.

Jamaica, like several other Caribbean countries, is facing a severe drought situation and the NWC said that the prohibition order, which goes into effect on Friday, is aimed at dealing with the worsening water situation.

The NWC said that as a result of the worsening drought situation, customers in several communities will continue to experience intermittent supply, low water pressure or no water.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness said following consultation on the “floor of Parliament” this week “ I am able to further announce that the Government will allocate J$25 million more to address water issues in the parishes affected by the drought.

“This means $J125 million will now be available,” he said, acknowledging that “the island continues to experience serious drought conditions in many areas”.


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