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Outcome of court case could have implications for Grenada

The Grenada government says the outcome of a case in which a public servant has challenged the decision to deduct salary for periods not worked would have implications for the wider public service and constitutional law in the country.
Earlier this week, the Public Service Commission (PSC) was successful in its application to be removed as a party based on its constitutional duties in a matter in which a teacher has taken the authorities to court regarding the salary deductions.

The case was brought by secondary school teacher, Donna Marcelle Lusan with the defendants being the Cabinet of Ministers, the Minister of Finance, the Attorney general and the PSC.

The matter relates to the salary deduction of the teacher made during industrial action last year.

On the substantive issue of the salary deduction for days not worked due to strike action, Justice Godfrey Smith encouraged the parties to settle since the claim which amounts to an estimated EC$500 (One EC dollar=US$0.37 cents).

A date for the hearing of the matter has not yet been set, but a government statement noted that “the issue remains whether Government has a right to deduct salary for periods not worked during an industrial dispute.

“The employee or claimant in this case, withheld labour and therefore Government withheld wages for the same period,” the statement said, adding “the outcome of this case will have significant implications for the wider public service and constitutional law in Grenada”.


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