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Three killed as fire destroys home

Three members of a family were killed after fire destroyed their home in Aranquez on the outskirts of the capital during the early hours of Wednesday morning.
Fire officials said that the bodies of 70 year-old Rajkumar Singh, his 68-year-old wife, Leela and their 35-year-old son, Shiva, were discovered in the building after the blaze had been extinguished

Neighbours said that they had been alerted to the situation when the 70-year-old man was heard screaming for help from the front room in the upper storey of the house.

Neighbours and fire officers using a ladder were unable to rescue the family, but tenants, including a child, who were in the apartment downstairs were able to leave the burning building.

Fire officials say they will conduct investigations into the cause of the blaze.


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