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Former chief minister remanded into custody after bail revoked

Former chief minister, David Brandt, has been remanded to custody on sex-related charges involving minor, after a High Court judge earlier this week revoked his bail.

Justice Gareth Evans agreed to adjourn the matter to November 18 this year, after hearing arguments on Tuesday from the prosecution led by Queen Counsel, Anesta Weekes and defence attorney Karl Markham.
Media reports said that the judge had decided to remand Brandt to prison to counteract four years of stall tactics by Brandt’s attorneys and as a result he could possibly remain in custody until the next court hearing.

Brandt, who served as the sixth chief minister of this British Overseas Territory from 22 August 1997 to 5 April 2001, had been charged in 2015 with two counts of conspiracy to have sexual intercourse with a minor. The allegations date back to 2010. He was released on EC$20,000 bail.

In November 2018, Brandt was arrested again and subsequently charged with two counts of child sexual exploitation and one count of perverting the course of justice.[ He was released on EC$90,000 bail..

The former chief minister, who is also a prominent lawyer here, has in the past described as “totally false” the two sexually related charges laid against him by the police.

In September 2015, speaking on the state-owned ZJB radio, Brandt said, “I am not guilty and in the fullness of time it will be shown that I am not guilty”.

As part of the conditions of his bail then, Brandt, in his late 60s, had been restricted from making any contact with any of the witnesses in the case either in person, or through any of his servants or agents.


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