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Jamaica to host sargassum conference

Jamaica will be hosting a regional forum to address then flux of sargassum in the Caribbean region on Friday.

The forum, which is being spearheaded by the Global Tourism Resilience and Crisis Management Centre, will be held at the Regional Headquarters of the University of the West Indies, Mona.

The objective of the forum is to share knowledge and best practices as it relates to sargassum, specifically the type which originates from the coast of Brazil.

The outcome from the forum will be to identify gaps and foster synergies towards a solution.

“Jamaica is taking the lead on this critical issue of preventing sargassum from negatively impacting our beaches which will ultimately, negatively impact our tourism. We are being proactive as the onset of sargassum poses a real threat to not just Jamaica but the entire region that is so heavily dependent on tourism,” said Tourism Minister, Ed Bartlett, in highlighting the importance of finding effective solutions to the sargassum issue.

Earlier this month, a 26-point agreement to establish an action plan to address the influx of the sargassum seaweed in the region, was agreed to by representatives from 13 countries from the Caribbean and Latin America during a recent meeting in Cancun, Mexico.

Sargassum, which gets its name from the Portuguese word for grape, is a floating brownish algae that generally blooms in the Sargasso Sea, a three million-square-kilometre body of warm water in the north Atlantic that is a major habitat and nursery for numerous marine species.


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