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Mother to know fate after police find six year old in the street alone

 A 27-year-old mother will know her fate on August 12 after she pleaded guilty to the wilful neglect of a child who was found by police standing alone on a street in south Trinidad during the early hours in June.

Senior Magistrate Jo-Anne Connor placed Salisha Shallow on her own bail after the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court, south of here, heard that police from the Marabella Police station were on patrol at 1.00 am (local time) on June 27 when they spotted the six-year-old child standing in the road alone.

The court heard that the mother had gone to the drugstore.

The police went to the drugstore where the mother said she had gone there to make some photocopies.

Attorney Cedric Neptune pleaded for the Chief Magistrate to temper justice with mercy, since Shallow is the mother of two and on that night, she believed she could have made it back home from the drug store before her daughter awoke.

He said the 27-year-old is a single parent and is now writing a book about her life.

“She is on to the second chapter, ” Neptune said.

But the chief magistrate said that she felt compelled to order a probation officer’s report.

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