Uncertainty at OZONE Wireless

There appears to be uncertainty again over the future of telecommunications company OZONE Wireless.

Over the last few days, customers have been venting their frustration on social media about not being able to contact anyone from the company and all of their branches being shut. Workers are also reportedly in the dark about their jobs and when they will be paid.

The business report reached out to Dr. Nick Kelly who informed us that he handed over the company a while ago to Lester Edwards from CALAHUB and also informed us that OZONE was only closed at Nature’s Discount branches.

When we contacted Mr. Edwards who is in St. Lucia on Thursday, he promised to provide an update on the situation today ( Friday). He said he needed more time to get customer service numbers posted, so they could have their concerns heard.

When we tried to contact him today via telephone and Whatsapp message we got no response.

Last September there was also some confusion with OZONE, with many of its doors including its Warrens head office being closed.

At that time Mr. Kelly who was a partner told us the company had a major setback with one of its creditors and was not dead, but was on life support.

We understand that customers have already started to contact the Fair Trading Commission to have their grievances addressed.

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