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Rock Hall residents have their say

The squatters at Rock Hall, St. Philip have their say as we wait to see how their proposed relocation will play out in the coming months.

Last week Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley expressed concern about the development’s close proximity to the airport as well as the fact that the area was once a landfill.

She says households earning less than 15 thousand dollars per year will be provided with 25 thousand dollar grants to assist in their relocation.

CBC’s Cheyne Jones made the trek to the most talked about district in Barbados today to hear from the squatters themselves.

2 Replies to “Rock Hall residents have their say

  1. Mr. Jones:
    Please ensure that the next time CBC-tv deals with the Rock Hall issue that you show viewers a plane landing or taking off. It helps to “round out” your story and give context to the story you are describing.

    After all, yours is a visual medium.

    Carl Moore

  2. So cause dem got planes landing and tecking off dat means Guyanese and Bajans gets free land ! What about the Barbadians that are forced to go overseas to live as Barbados too expensive , and the Barbadians that are NOT represented by Government The Porr otr Tragically dis-inherited by stinking relatives after they suffer a father’s death or something so . Barbadians can’t even get home at the exorbitant prices that Barbados charges for rent and housing !!! one day coming soon !

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