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Bahamas fisherman breaks down as he reveals how his wife drowned in front of him

A Bahamas fisherman who was rescued from his flooded home amid raging Storm Dorian was forced to watch on as his wife drowned.

Crab fisherman Howard Armstrong explained how he and his wife were left battling for survival in water up to their necks at their home in Freeport, the main city on Grand Bahama in northwest Bahama.

The couple were forced to stay submerged in neck-deep water for hours on Tuesday while waiting to be rescued.
‘We were doing alright until the water kept coming up and all the appliances were going around the house like a washing machine,’ Armstrong told CNN.

He went on to explain how his wife, Lynn, who was suffering from hypothermia, had been standing on top of the kitchen cabinets, in the only spot where their heads would reach the ceiling.

The cabinets disintegrated before their eyes and his wife slipped under the water.
‘I kept with her, and she just drowned on me,’ Armstrong said in sheer devastation.

Armstrong swam out of the house after his wife drowned, saying the rising water rendered it impossible to say there any more.

To his surprise, his fishing boat was still moored outside.

‘I took a chance and swam out to it,’ he said.

Armstrong is now reportedly refusing to leave the island until his wife’s body is recovered.

Storm Dorian’s death toll has risen to seven, according to Prime Minister Hubert Minnis, but warned it was expected to rise.

Dorian pounded the Bahamas as a Category Four storm for a period of 18 hours and Minnis warned of ‘unprecedented’ devastation.

Two vehicles are seen submerged in Freeport, Bahamas, on Tuesday.

The full extent of the damage will not be known until the storm passes, but pictures have emerged of submerged cars and citizens up to their waste in water.

Hurricane Dorian weakened to a Category 2 storm shortly after 11am on Tuesday as it approached the US coast.

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