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USA- Bride told maid of honor she could wear ‘anything’

When a bride-to-be told her sister she could wear anything she wanted to the wedding, her maid of honor made an unexpected choice: a T. rex costume.

Deanna Adams, 40, a legal administrative specialist in Omaha, Nebraska, said her wedding was supposed to be “low-key.”

“I didn’t want to make a big deal out of anything, as long as I got to wear a dress, have some cake and get some great photos,” she told TODAY Style via Facebook.

But what started off as a joke soon became reality when Adams’ sister, Christina Meador, 38, had a hilarious idea for her maid-of-honor look.

“Christina sent me a text a year ago saying, ‘I found my dress!’ followed by a link to the costume on Amazon,” Adams said. “I thought it was hilarious and told her she had to do it. It then became kind of a game of chicken⁠ — I don’t think she expected me to be cool with it.”

Meador ended up wearing the look on her sister’s big day and, thankfully for us, there are lots of adorable photos as proof.

“They definitely knew how to make a wedding memorable,” Andrea Nuxoll, the wedding photographer, told TODAY. “It’s nice to have some diversity in your wedding.”

Adams seems to have taken the joke in stride. “We easily joke with each other and definitely don’t take much too seriously,” the bride said of her relationship with her sister.

“I know she’s got my back, and I’ve got hers,” she added.


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