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Delay in elimination of immigration forms

Visitors to the island have been asked to continue filling out the written immigration customs forms for a few more weeks.

Last month, Minister of Home Affairs, Edmund Hinkson, announced that the E.D. Cards would be scrapped effective September first.

However, in an update Monday, Tourism Minister Kerrie Symmonds, says they’ll be gone by month-end.

For those people who do not fill out the online forms, they will have the option of using one of the 48 kiosks in the airport’s arrivals’ hall to provide the relevant information.

Those kiosks are currently being re-programmed, as government decided to add some additional questions, that work is expected to be completed in eight weeks.

Minister Symmonds says the kiosks along with the online E.D. forms, should significantly cut down on the time it takes for visitors to be processed, especially in peak times like Christmas.

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