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Teachers have their say on conditions at schools

Teachers at two secondary schools are still not satisfied with some of the conditions there.
And the Barbados Secondary Teachers Union says it intends to write to the Ministry of Education on those issues.
This from BSTU president, Mary Ann Redman as she updated members of the media on the outcome of Tuesday’s meeting.

One of the main talking points for the teachers is the physical and environmental conditions at the schools.

As you know a majority of schools started yesterday (Monday), one week after the scheduled opening owing to issues relating to the massive summer refurbishment programme undertaken.

Commenting on that issue, Ms. Redman said the schools were in a poor state for a very long time.

This aside, she acknowledged the outstanding issues, like those at Belmont Primary and said there was an issue at two particular schools that need urgent attention.

A particular issue, Ms. Redman says, is teacher evaluations and how they being done and what they’re being used for.

The meeting passed two resolutions relating to seniority and promotions.

These are issues that will be taken to the ministry of education to be resolved.

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