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Trudeau vows to continue campaign amid blackface scandal

 (Reuters) – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau vowed to continue his re-election campaign and asked for forgiveness on Thursday after pictures of him in blackface emerged less than five weeks before the national vote.

The Liberal Party leader’s campaign has been upended since Time magazine on Wednesday published an image of the prime minister, who is known to be strong advocate for multiculturalism, with his face blackened at a 2001 “Arabian Nights” party when he was a 29-year-old teacher at a Vancouver private school.

Other images have since emerged, and Trudeau said he was “wary” of ruling out the existence of even more because he could not remember those that had already come to light.

Answering questions from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Trudeau said that his privilege as the white son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau had come with a “blind spot.”

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