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Community must play a greater role

A government MP wants the community to play a greater role in the lives of young Barbadians as many are losing their lives due to violence.

Minister of Energy and Water Resources Wilfred Abrahams suggests something has gone wrong, reminding Barbadians that everyone has a part to play and cannot sit idly by.

He was taken aback by the death of school boy stabbed to death on the compound of the Fredrick Smith Secondary School in St James last week.

Minister Abrahams shared his feelings during a Christ Church East branch meeting at the St Bartholomew’s Primary School.

There he posited Barbados should not be content in seeing its young men in boxes rather than a manager’s chair.

Wilfred Abrahams – MP Christ Church East

Minister Abrahams says residents of the community should not be afraid to reach out and speak to the youth as the message must be that violence is not the answer.

Wilfred Abrahams – MP Christ Church East

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