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Government legislator resigns, could be appointed Opposition Leader

Seven years after not having a Leader of the Opposition in the House of Representative, Grenada is likely to have someone appointed to the position after a former government legislator is reported to have tendered his resignation from the ruling New National Party (NNP) that won all 15 seats in the 2018 general election.

Senior NNP officials have confirmed that Tobias Clement, who successfully contested the North East Constituency, has officially submitted his resignation to the party on Wednesday.

In his resignation which was sent via a Whatsapp message to the NNP chairman, Anthony Boatswain, the former government legislator said that it took effect immediately.

Clement later told reporters “I am still keeping it close to my chest for now but I can tell you maybe it’s already done,” smiling as he made his way to the Parliament where Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Dr. Keith Mitchel was due to deliver the 2019-20 national budget.

But one NNP official told reporters “this came as no surprise because his membership in the party had already gone in violation of the party constitution, we expected that to happen because he did inform us sometime before out convention that he will resign.

“Now that he is no longer a member of the NNP, he cannot be representing us in the Parliament so it’s natural that he will inform the Governor General of his desire to be named as Leader of the Opposition,” the NNP official said.

As Leader of the Opposition, Clement will be able to provide the official response to the budget presentation as well as appoint three opposition senators in the Upper House of Parliament.


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