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BARNUFO to get tough with vendors

The Barbados National Union of Fisherfolk Organization (BARNUFO) is looking to get tough with vendors and other members of the fishing community who opt not to attend mandatory scheduled training workshops organized by government for industry workers.

The scheduled workshops, which started in May, will have the final two sessions for the year on November 28th and 29th.

BARNUFO President Vernell Nichols says as constituted under the laws of the industry, failure to comply will result in persons running the risk of losing their licenses to operate in Barbados.

Ms. Nicholl says there are around 280 people who ply their trade directly and indirectly with in the sector and it is essential that all serious persons get on board.

Speaking to CBC NEWS she stressed that this tough stance is critical to ensure that persons get the necessary training to standardize the competence of workers as well as raise the bar to one of international best practices.

BARNUFO President Vernell Nichols

Ms. Nicholls says this is a process which has the strong backing of the ministry who wants to see the fishing industry grow from where it presently is.

She says the training requirement is not only for fish vendors as is generally thought but also fishermen and boat operators as well.

According to her it is important that there is some uniformity of standards across the sector.

BARNUFO President Vernell Nichols

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