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Police probe continues into triple murders

Police were on Sunday continuing their probe into the deaths of three people that Attorney General Dale Marshall said “marred” the island’s celebration Marshall has already said that preliminary investigations indicate that the homicides were as a result of a family dispute related to land.

“The tragedy about this whole situation is that when the deaths occur, the thing that is left is the real estate,” Marshall said, adding “there has to be a better way for Barbadians to look to resolve these kinds of disputes.”

Media reports said that the deadly sword attack resulted in the deaths of 49-year-old Cecil “Dwayne” Webb, Terry Small and 48 year-old Vincentian Jeffneil Browne, while 70-year-old Cuthbert Mayers was receiving medical treat at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Valentine Wellanda Small, 55, who received cuts to the back of his hand, was treated and discharged

Police public relations officer Rodney Inniss said they had received a call from a woman who indicated that her common-law husband had sustained a number of chops about his body and appeared to be lifeless.

Inniss said when police responded to the scene they found the bodies of three people, adding “whether the incidents were connected or not, we are still investigating”.


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