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Launch Of One Of Barbados’ Climate Change Resilience Efforts

A ‘greenification’ programme was launched last Friday at the Daryll Jordan Secondary School in an effort to help Barbados build resilience against climate change and its impacts.

Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley, along with Ministers of Environment, Agriculture, Education and Culture, took part in the launch of the Million Trees For 2020 Project at the school, located in Trents, St. Lucy.

Minister of Environment and National Beautification, Trevor Prescod, stressed that “we are facing a major crisis as a consequence of climate change…and Barbados has to play its role”, in helping to build resilience against the effects impacted on societies across the world.

Minister Prescod mentioned some of the effects of climate change, including rising sea levels, an increase in Category 5 hurricanes, intense flooding and land degradation.

He noted that Barbadians could not continue to tell themselves that they are incapable of dealing with the effects, and stated: “The fact that we are human beings and we are creative, courageous and ambitious, it is clear to us that we are capable of finding a way of counteracting the forces that derive as a consequence of climate change.

“So, we are going to plant one million trees across the national landscape during the year of 2020, and that exercise is one that probably might challenge many minds, but we have a great confidence in the capability of Barbadians that we can achieve not only one million if necessary, if we had to do it, we can plant two million.”

Mr. Prescod also pointed out some of the benefits to be derived from the project, including the reduction of carbon gas emissions, removal of nitrates from the soil, medicinal uses and the improved aesthetics of the environment.

During the launch, 53 fruit trees were planted at Daryll Jordan Secondary School, and 47 at the Ignatius Byer Primary School, at Lowlands, St. Lucy. They included soursop, Bajan cherry, guava and dwarf golden apple trees.

Minister Prescod declared that his ministry would work alongside students in the Million Trees For 2020 Project so that they could be part of the efforts to help Barbados build resilience against climate change.


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