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Government denies board of state-owned media house sacked

The Trinidad and Tobago government has denied a newspaper report here that it had sacked the entire board of directors of the state-owned Trinidad and Tobago Television (TTT) and that it is working to ensure that the television station” aligns with its mandate”.

The Sunday Express newspaper in a front page story headlined “TTT Board Fired” reported quoting an anonymous source that the decision to terminate the board “came as a surprise to the directors as there were no formal, prior notice”.

The paper quoting a source on “condition of anonymity” said that the “explanation given for the “re-constitution” of the TT board was that the government wanted to take “TTT in a different direction”:

But Communications Minister, Donna Cox, speaking on a local radio station, said that the members were not fired and that “there will indeed be a new board made up of some the previous members and new ones.

“Cabinet took this decision at the last meeting on Thursday, and members of the reconstituted board will be announced soon,” she said, adding that “there is nothing out of the ordinary with this move.

“As you can appreciate, the government is working to ensure that TTT aligns with its mandate and we are trying to make strides to make the company more self-sufficient.”

Cox said having heard and listened to numerous complaints about the direction of TTT, her ministry thought it would help if a new set of persons was given a chance to make the company work as the public wants it to, and it was not an unusual or unique management approach.

“TTT remains a treasure for many and it is therefore important that we do what’s in the best interest of the company. Just like any other organisation, whenever goals are set to be achieved, changes to structures and personnel are necessary to ensure the desired results are achieved,” she added.

TTT was formally re-launched in August last year after the government said it was not feasible to continue to spend an estimated TT$25 million (One Tt dollar=US$0.16 cents) a month in maintain the Caribbean New Media group (CNMG), its predecessor.

The government had said then it wanted the new company to become a public service broadcaster focusing on disseminating public and government information as well as local entertainment content.


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