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Tyson seeking to establish wellness centre in Antigua

Former world heavyweight champion boxer, Mike Tyson, has held talks with the Antigua and Barbuda government for the establishment of a wellness center that “will rely upon medicines made from hemp and other organic substances to cure diseases,” according to an official statement issued.

The statement said that, Tyson, who has twice visited the island last year, met with Cabinet earlier this week and will be returning later this year to participate in a weeklong conference on cannabis that is expected to be attended by 500 experts and delegates.

It said that during his meeting with Cabinet, Tyson and his team sought to get the approval for the establishment of a wellness center that will operate from an existing hotel property which the Tyson firm will purchase or lease.

“The wellness center will rely upon medicines made from hemp and other organic substances to cure deadly diseases,” the statement said, noting that Cabinet was informed that “ a similar center has been in operation in Costa Rica for seven years and that it has grown because of its 87 per cent success rate at reversing many diseases including Alzheimer’s, depression, and other hard-to-cure illnesses that plague humans.

“The law governing hemp will be addressed by the Parliament next month, February 2020. The Cabinet declared that its members continue to have an interest in making the Antigua and Barbuda population become aware of the changes in lifestyle that are necessary in order to produce a healthier nation,” the statement said, adding that the request from Tyson “received provisional approval,” and his group has been asked to submit their proposal in writing with supporting documentation.

Antigua and Barbuda is among Caribbean countries that have passed legislation allowing for the the decriminalisation of marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes.


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