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BAMP outlines some Covid facts

The Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners (BAMP) has been outlining some of the facts and seeking to dispel some myths associated with the deadly Covid-19.

President, Dr. Abdon DaSilva identified, for a BAMP hosted public forum, some of those who are most likely to contract the disease.

He said most people who acquire the disease will recover, 80 percent of those who contract it will have a mild form and typically older people who already have other conditions, also known as co-morbidities, have a more difficult time.  

President of BAMP, Dr. Abdon DaSilva

Dr DaSilva said one of the biggest problem relating to the disease it that it can be spread by people without symptoms, and it’s important to know that masks are not very helpful. 

President of BAMP, Dr. Abdon DaSilva

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