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‘Queen of Toilet Paper’

This Aussie is one reason for the toilet paper shortage

Can you ever have too much toilet paper?

While coronavirus fears have unusually spawned massive hoarding of toilet paper all around the world, one Australian woman can claim she may have something to do with it.

According to 7NEWS Australia, Haide Janetzki of Toowoomba went to order some butt paper from the appropriately named website Who Gives A Crap. Janetzki intended to order 48 rolls of toilet paper, but she got 48 boxes of the product instead.

One box has 48 rolls, leaving her with a total of 2,306 rolls. That’s enough paper to last Janetzki’s family for 12 years.

And the total cost of her mistaken order: $2,920, plus $358 in postage.

“Everyone was laughing at me for ordering too much toilet paper and now everyone’s begging me for some,” Janetzki told 7NEWS, referencing the shortage in Australia. “Now we’re like, ‘now who’s laughing?’”

Janetzki said she’s not going to wait 12 years to use up the paper product. The woman is selling the toilet paper with a slight mark-up to help raise money for her children’s school trip to Canberra.

The money will help offset some of the costs for her and 40 parents who are sending their kids on the trip.

The woman can’t help but be the butt of jokes. But she has a good sense of humour.

“I’ve been called the Queen of Toilet Paper,” she said.

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