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Bug squeezed out of minor girl’s eyes after crawling inside for nine hours

In a painful incident, a dead beetle was squeezed out of a six-year-old girl’s eye after crawling inside for nine hours.

Sharing the stomach-churning snaps on social media, her mother Kris Monk said that her daughter complained of pain in her eye but she could not see anything unusual apart from a red mark.

Kris, a resident of Missouri in US, maintained that that her daughter, SibiKaia Monk woke up in floods of tears around 1.30 a.m. on April 29, claiming her eye was ‘burning’.

She again checked her eye and spotted a ‘black thing ‘in it. Then her eye started to produce pus. She along with her husband took the child to the hospital.

“Then SibiKaia squeezed her eye shut and when she opened her eye it just slid out. The nurse was like, ‘Oh my God’ and grabbed a tissue, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, it’s a bug.’ ”

Once the bug had fallen out, the doctor checked there was no damage to the child’s eye and said that the beetle had been lodged under the minor’s eyelid, crawled along her eyeball and then took nine hours to die before her body could reject the bug naturally.

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