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Consultant lauds government on acquisition of harvester

A government consultant is lauding the government for its progressive thinking in the acquisition of a seaweed harvester.

Energy Consultant Mark Hill says for too long Barbados, like other countries in the Caribbean, has continued to be impacted by the influx of sargassum seaweed along its east coast

He says the acquisition of a seaweed harvester is yet another element in the country’s effort to address not only challenges posed by sargassum seaweed but opportunities as well.

Pointing out that the process was started since 2018 with its main emphasis on innovation and industry, Mr. Hill said efforts were also aimed at harvesting in order to use the seaweed for value-added purposes.

He also noted that over the past two years, the Ministry was harvesting and engaging in real world application of the sargassum seaweed as a resource for increasing crop production and had also started applying the harvested seaweed.

While stating that 2020 will see the launch of a bio-fuel drive centred around the Ministry of Energy and the Barbados National Oil Company, Mr. Hill stressed the Blue Economy Ministry stood to play a critical role in this renewable space through providing the substrate for the type of bio-fuel.

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