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Further delay in announcing election results in Suriname

The Ministry of the Interior Thursday said it is still awaiting the official reports from 64 polling stations in the capital Paramaribo following Monday’s general elections.

“Once the Ministry of the Interior has received the information from the main polling station, it will be processed on the special website for the informal results,” the Ministry said in a statement early on Thursday morning.

The Ministry said that earlier reports that the votes in 32 polling stations needed to be counted were untrue and that once the votes from the 64 polling stations are received, they will be included in the programme where the unofficial results are shared with the media, political organizations and the Independent Electoral Bureau.

Preliminary figures released so far show that the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) of President Desi Bouterse, which had won 27 seats in 2015 election to form the government, has so far won 15 seats.

The counting of ballots will resume later on Thursday and so far the preliminary results show that the Progressive Reform Party (VHP), the largest party in the opposition, headed by former justice minister, Chandrikapersad (Chan) Santokhi, had won 21 of the 51 seats in the National Assembly, while the Algemene Bevrijdings- en Ontwikkelingspartij (ABOP) headed by former rebel leader Ronnie Brunswijk had won eight seats and the National Party of Suriname (NPS), headed by former president Ronald Venetiaan, four seats.

The Brotherhood and Unity in Politics (BEP) won two seats and the Pertjajah Luhur a single seat.

The elections were observed by teams from the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the Organisation of American States (OAS).

The CARICOM Election Observer Mission said it had not “seen any evidence of fraud” during the polls on Monday while the OAS said “reports were received that incorrect ballot papers had been issued and used in six polling stations.

“The information provided to the mission indicated that the main polling station subsequently delivered the correct ballot papers to those locations. Voters were invited to return to vote again bring. Overall, the ballot box was “orderly and transparent,” the OAS said.


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