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Prime Minister defends the CBC in parliament

Prime Minister, Mia Amor Mottley, returned to the House of Assembly on Tuesday for the first time since having major surgery and came out in strong defense of the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation.

Government is borrowing close to 2.5 million dollars from Scotiabank to repay an existing overdraft facility held by the CBC.

She says there is a responsibility to stabilize the financial situation of the corporation, especially at this time.

While acknowledging that it cannot be business as usual at the Pine, St. Michael entity, the Prime Minister says there is a role for it to play.

She made it clear that her administration does not use the CBC for its own good nor does it practice censorship.

The Prime Minister is hopeful that there will be interest from the private sector, as government moves to make the CBC more relevant.

And Opposition leader Bishop Joseph Atherley says he will not support the resolution for money to restructure the overdraft facility of the Corporation.

He believes the state owned entity is being over-used and not serving its true purpose.

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