Jamaican choreographer sues US superstars JayZ and Beyoncé

The founder and lead choreographer of renowned Jamaican dance group, L’Acadco, Dr. L’Antoinette Stines has filed a lawsuit against music superstars Jay Z and Beyonce for her work on a 2018 album by The Carters called ‘Everything is Love’.

In court documents filed on Tuesday, Stines is reportedly suing the American superstar couple for copyright infringement, and violation of her right to publicity, plus damages.

Reports are that Stines also wants writing credits and monetary compensation.

Stines, claims the superstar duo took her work, used it on a key portion of the track, ‘Black Effect’, without giving her any credit or money.

She says that the experience had left her feeling ‘artistically raped.’

She told the court that the super-couple reached out to her in March of 2018 seeking local dancers to perform in a promotional video for a tour.

In court documents, Stines said that after finding local dancers, she did a recording and was told that it would only be used for promotional purposes.

She said that she signed a contract giving them permission to use it, but instead, it ended up being used on the track.

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