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Barbados to recognize civil unions

Government has signaled its intention to recognize same sex relationships and reducing the penalties for persons caught with a quantity of cannabis commonly referred to as a “roach or spliff” on the streets.

Governor General, Dame Sandra Mason, addressing the opening of a new term of the Barbados Parliament, said that the island has always been in the vanguard of pioneering social justice, the protection of civil rights and the battle to ensure dignity to the poor, marginalized, vulnerable and dispossessed.

Governor General, Dame Sandra Mason

She said If Barbados wished to be considered amongst the progressive nations of the world, it cannot afford to lose its international leadership place and reputation.

Nor can it allow itself to be “blacklisted” for human and civil rights abuses or discrimination on the matter of how we treat to human sexuality and relations.

Governor General, Dame Sandra Mason

In response, Opposition Leader, Bishop Joseph Atherley, says he was under the impression that like same sex marriages, the recognition of civil unions would also have been put to a referendum.

Opposition Leader, Bishop Joseph Atherley

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