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Bunny Wailer Anxious As Partner Missing

The family of iconic reggae singer, Bunny Wailer, says he is being “medically sequestered” in order to effectively manage the stress triggered by the disappearance of his partner of 50 years, Jean Watt. Jah B, as the Wailer is known, suffered a mild stroke in late 2018, and Watt, the family disclosed, has challenges which include […]

Further delay in announcing election results in Suriname

St. Vincent hints at scrapping energy project

PM confirms nationals on board cruise liner tests positive for COVID -19


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Trump threatens to shut down social media companies

President Trump has taken the extraordinary step of threatening to close down social media platforms. The threat came after Twitter added fact-check links to his tweets for the first time. The battle between the president and the social-media companies has been brewing for a time. But now it feels as though an all-out war is […]

Digital ID cards could be rolled out this year

Glastonbury 5G report ‘hijacked by conspiracy theorists’