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A new day for vending in Barbados

December 7, 2021

For the first time in over 300 years, vending without a licence will not be treated as a criminal offence.

This following the historic passing of the National Vending Bill 2021 in the Senate today.

The Act removes the scourge of criminality from vending since anyone selling without a valid vending permit will no longer face criminal charges. They will instead be made to pay an administrative penalty.

The Act also gives vendors the right to a 30-day period of notice before they can be evicted from their selling spot.

Leading off the session, Foreign Affairs Minister, Senator the Most Honourable Dr Jerome Walcott, noted vending has been an important profession providing and income for many Barbadians.

Apart from bringing vibrancy to towns and other areas, he expects the legislation will address some of the ills.

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