October 1, 2023

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February 12th, 2022

Barbadians have been given an early Valentines Day present.
The curfew will be lifted on February 14 when the current COVID-19 Directive expires.
 Minister of Health and Wellness Ian Gooding-Edghill, delivered the news during a COVID-19 update this afternoon.
According to him, the decision was made after consultation with stakeholders this week and analysis of scientific tool benchmarks marks.
Officials have determined Barbados has reached its peak of the omicron wave and cases are now on the decline while the positivity rate is slowing. Another statistic given is that 75 per cent of all people tested daily do not have COVID-19.
The Health Minister has outlined a number of changes for the new Directive which will be in effect for two weeks.
And in some exciting news for many Barbadians, party cruises are back to full capacity.
Minister Gooding-Edghill stresses the relaxation is not a signal the outbreak is over, indicating PSV’s will be allowed to increase the authorized number of sitting passengers from 75 per cent to 100 per cent wearing masks with no standing passengers.
He says when the Ministry of Education settles on students returning to school, the Health Ministry will discuss the timetable for the community-based community-based events including sporting events. This is expected in a few weeks.

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