October 2, 2023

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Brace for more grass fires

April 15, 2023

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Forecasters are warning that large field fires affecting the island could continue until June.

That is because rainfall for the remainder of the dry season is predicted to remain below average and previous forecast of an early start to rains in May is no longer expected.

According to meteorologists, rain accumulations across the southern sections of the island have been extremely low. 

They include St. Philip, Christ Church, St. John, southern St. George, most of St. Michael as well as southern St. James, where officials say most of the grass fires have been sparking.

In addition to the possibility of more fires, the dry conditions are expected to have a significant impact on rain-fed crops particularly in the south of the island.

Therefore, officials of the Barbados Meteorological Services are encouraging Barbadians to conserve water, focus on crops that handle dry conditions, and ensure livestock in dry fields have an adequate supply of fresh drinking water and fodder.

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