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Confidence in wage negotiations

January 26, 2023

The National Union of Public Workers (NUPW), says its membership is confident in the approach taken by the Union on public sector wage negotiations with Government.

In a recent statement, the Government revealed its negotiating team stands ready to resume public sector wages and salaries negotiations following the adjournment of talks in December 2022, with the agreement of all parties.

The negotiation process for the public sector was launched on October 18 last year.

According to the President of the NUPW, Kimberley Agard, the Union has been updating its membership on the current stage of negotiations.

The latest meeting was held on Monday with its members and Ms Agard says the NUPW is trying its best not to conduct negotiations in the public domain.

She adds that a balance must be struck to ensure a wage increase that is reasonable for its members. Despite complaints from some workers that they are upset and frustrated, the NUPW boss suggests the industrial climate is stable.

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