September 30, 2023

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Current National I.D. card will cease to be valid April 2023

October 1st, 2022

The current National Identification card will cease to be valid from April next year.

This was revealed in a statement from the Electoral Department, which reminded citizens that registration for the new Trident ID card is mandatory.

In an attempt to clear up confusion, the statement sought to make it clear that while the card does have some electronic capabilities for security and convenience, citizens can choose whether they wish to use them.

It also says the chip in the Trident ID card does not possess the ability to track the card holder.

The Electoral Department would also like to make it clear the card is not linked to an individual’s bank account and the card itself does not carry money on it.

It will however work with the cashless system to be rolled out by the Transport Board.

According to the statement, by scanning the date of birth of passengers, it will validate the age of people allowed to ride for free, including senior citizens.

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