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August 6th, 2022

The delivery of the new Trident ID cards will be delayed by one month.

The Ministry of Industry, Innovation, Science and Technology (MIST) and the Electoral Department in a statement say this is due to an unfortunate set of circumstances.

According to a Government official, the local vendor has experienced a delay in delivering a critical component for card issuance. However he says they are working with them to keep the delay as short as possible.

The statement notes “the collection date printed on your certificate of registration will be deferred by one month.  For example, if your collection date was August 12, your new date will be September 12.  If that date falls on a Sunday, then it will be the next working day.”

The official adds that MIST and the Electoral Department sincerely regret this unforeseen and unwelcome delay at this late stage.

He says they are ensuring the Trident card is your Trusted Identity and that it is capable of providing the public with true ease of doing business

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