October 2, 2023

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Met Office Issues Flash-Flood and Severe Thunderstorm Warning

Barbados is under both Flash Flood and Serve Thunderstorms Warnings.

Barbadians should exercise extreme caution, as the island is under both flash-flood and severe-thunderstorm warnings.

The Barbados Meteorological Services issued this warning moments ago.

Rapid flooding due to heavy or excessive rainfall in a short period of time (generally less than 6 hours), as well as significant lightning activity is expected in a short period of time (generally less than 6 hours).

Residents and visitors should note that the following impacts are imminent during this forecast period :

•Significant runoff from higher elevations

•Significant soil erosion is likely on exposed or scarred land surfaces

•Large water settlements on roads and fields

•Significant adjustments to water levels of existing water bodies (ponds etc.)

•Significant delays on traffic routes with some roads possibly impassable

•Large objects or debris from higher elevations may also become embedded within fast moving water flows

•Significant flooding at the foot of hillsides and coastal roads is possible.

The severe-thunderstorm may cause imminent or already occurring lightning activity at or near your location, increase likelihood of power outages if lightning strikes power utility infrastructure, as well as danger to life due to significant lightning activity.

CBC News Barbados is closely monitoring this situation and will continue to bring you updates on weather conditions.

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