October 1, 2023

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Mighty Gabby thrown into mourning after death of grandson in US robbery

March 19, 2023

A shot fired with deadly consequences in the US has hit close to home for Cultural Ambassador, Dr The Most Honourable Anthony ‘Mighty Gabby’ Carter.

The shooting took the life of his 20-year-old grandson Darius Clarke, who was gunned down in Queen’s during a daytime robbery at his workplace.

Reports indicate three people entered the store on Jamaica Avenue just after midday, a number of shots were fired and Clarke was struck in the chest.

Gabby says he was writing a song called “Mass Murder in America” for another artiste when one of his daughters called and notified him of the incident.

The veteran shared some of his fond moments with Darius.

Gabby has expressed his thanks to everyone who called from across the country and abroad to express their condolences.

He has called for an end to gun violence.

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